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Discussion in 'Politics' started by WatertheTree, Nov 11, 2011.

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    Now the latest trend in the media is to just toss out polls that Ron Paul wins. They say it was to much of a landslide to be authentic. I say they just cant find a way to destroy him and now they are reaching.

    CNBC tossed out his poll, check out there facebook page, been going nonstop since the debate, and it aint gonna stop either.

    Americans are sick and tired of our opinions being marginalized and manipulated. Were sick of having to choose between two big government corporate lap dogs. Were sick of the corruption and cronyism. Were sick of being sold out for luxury cars and summer homes.

    The goal used to be to get Ron Paul elected. Now the plan is to get Ron Paul elected by such a landslide that any cry of voter fraud will just look silly.

    CNBC - Wall | Facebook

    Fuck the Oligarchy, fuck the partisanship. Its time to put a halt on washington and remind them that we dont need them!
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    Ron Paul wins Straw Polls and they say he can't win.

    Ron Paul wins an Internet poll and they toss it.

    Should get real Interesting if he doesn't get the Republican nomination then runs 3rd Party.

    The same MSM will just toss polls that show him leading then too! :lol:

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