I have a Civil War R&D and Negotiation Game Should I Split Them?

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    I overestimated the difficulties of building a power plant, steering and armaments to combat the Anaconda strategy with mass airpower.

    I underestimated the power of the armaments industry and armed forces producing and exporting state of the art battle tested weapons to the enemies of the UK under the pretext that the Republican were clients of Britain.

    These arenas interact badly with each other. For example, the CSAF arms and trains trans-Mississippi Indian tribes to annihilate the abolitionists of the Great Plains. They do so to sell more arms to Russia. Those sales mean more employment and higher pay for women working in the Columbus textile mills. Western and southern Pennsylvania are also set on fire to deny northern access to iron and steel. This is to encourage German investment in building steel mills in the south.

    Danish and Dutch experiments in aircraft carriers are done in conjunction with the CSN and leads to the possibility of bombing NYC and Boston. So, I appear to have a minimum of two but probably way more interactive arene (I had to look up the plural too).

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