I feel bad for Bobby Valentine

Discussion in 'Sports' started by bobcollum, Aug 16, 2012.


Your thoughts on Bobby V

  1. He's getting shit on unjustifiably

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  2. He's getting shit on justifiably

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  3. I hate the Yankees

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    I'll be honest, I was less than enthusiastic about his hiring, but he's actually grown on me through the season.

    I think a number of players wrote him off before he even walked through the door, and if not, he certainly has a number of detractors in the clubhouse now evidently. Yet I keep coming back to the thought that I don't really give a shit how they feel about him, they're not doing their job.

    It seems to me that as a manager making decisions during the game, he's doing alright. It was a daily occurrence to heavily question Tito's decisions during his time here, and he frankly did make some weird ones, but I don't hear that nearly as much with Valentine.

    I think the players need to buck the fuck up and stop bitching, at this point I've become nearly certain that they're focus is more on getting rid of him and starting fresh next year.

    Bottom-line is there aren't any good excuses for their performance this season.

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