Hse Republicns Be Quick About Passin Yr Stupid Health Care Repeal!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JimofPennsylvan, Jan 9, 2011.

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    House Republicans the American People understand that you have to vote on a bill repealing the 2010 health care law because that was such a prominent platform in your last election campaign but this whole repeal initiative has been "terrible" for the majority of American people who would support and are serious about dramatically changing the law and frankly its been terrible for the Republican party and your reputation as deficit hawks. This whole repeal effort has taken on the character of repeal the law and blow a huge whole in the federal budget, $230 billion over ten years per the Congressional Budget Office, when the character should be this health law will generate a Tsunami of federal spending and America needs to be protected from it. It is understood that this 2010 health law has so many provisions that are harmful (and many the public has yet to be fully made aware of) that the safest way to protect the American people is just repeal it, for instance, this law creates public offered health insurance run by the Federal Dept. of HHS (Section 1323 of Public Law 111-148) and one can bet the house that this public insurance over time will drive most private insurance companies out of the health insurance business and leave Americans with little choices on health insurance! This is no justification for Republican House Leadership making a major national issue of this Health Care Law "Repeal" bill because it has no chance of becoming law the Senate and the President doesn't support it.

    House Republicans you really messed up in turning this whole health care initiative into a focus on repeal and not on "replace". It is understandable your postponement of the repeal vote because of the shootings in Arizona and of course the American people pray for an outstanding medical recovery for the victims there, but House Republican leaders you need to have this vote truly as soon as possible and allow the nation to move on because you are really undermining the whole replace effort which is super urgent and super critical for the American People! Further, you Republicans both in the House and Senate you have to get realistic on the health care law and what you can replace or you will never pass a meaningful bill in this session. Many of the provisions of the law are very popular, insurance companies can't drop people when they get sick, can't deny people for preexisting conditions, parents can keep their children on their plans until age 26, etc. etc. etc. You need to forget about changing any of the revenue generation provisions in the 2010 law there is no hope in success in that effort! You need to focus on savings in federal and consumer spending like, the legalization of buying health insurance across state lines is a good idea, doing away with these health insurance exchanges which will cost hundreds of millions of dollars a year (per year) is a good idea, scrapping the long-term care insurance program that the law creates is a good idea because this is a program that will certainly be in need of a federal bailout one day, a "savings and loan crisis" level bailout - the majority of senators voted against this program in 2009 or 2010 when the amendment came up! Congressional Republicans you are handling this health care law replacement issue in a completely inept fashion and you want the American people to give you the White House and the Senate in 2012, that is a real funny one Republicans!

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