How one can save his bank account from DORMANT

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    How one can save his bank account from DORMANT
    I want to share my knowledge how your bank account become DORMANT, people who have more than 2 bank accounts but can't make transaction which remain in-active or dormant.

    I guide you if any person do not make any transaction ( deposit cash or withdrawal ) in the period of 1 year than his bank account become DORMANT and can't able to drawn cash unless it is activated by the branch.

    I advice those bank account do not active more than 3 years period and even the concern bank send reminder and no response than closed the person account and keep his account money in MISCELLANOUS receipt account and whenever he contact the branch than pay his amount which is the duty and responsibility of banker and SBP to monitor all information regarding dormant account.

    Simple treatment to save from dormant makes deposit or withdrawal with a period of 6 months minimum 1 transaction saves to become your account dormant.

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