How Is This Possible?

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    99 percent of so-called "palestinians" in "palestine" are muslims and, thus, worship the Holy Quran as the foundation of their islamic faith. According to Holy Quran, the god of palestinians allah created the universe and everything in it.

    Except, nowhere in Holy Quran do "palestine" or "palestinians" appear. Not even once. Never.

    Moreover, in the Holy Quran, Israel was created by allah as the Jewish Homeland and the Children of Israel are recognized by allah and appear in the Holy Quran numerous times.

    Indeed, the Children of Israel are allah's Chosen People. In fact, allah gave Moses the Torah on Mt Sinai!

    How can this be possible? Given the immutable wisdom of allah, why won't the "palestinians" leave Israel the Jewish Homeland and let the Children of Israel live in peace? Isn't allah the greatest allahu akbar? :bow3:


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