How do you rate the D1A?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by pegwinn, Nov 27, 2008.

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    I am not a big college football fan since there is no playoff in place.

    The idea of selecting a national champion by voting just really sucks.

    I am comfortable with using computers to rank the teams since you have to somehow logically put it into numbers.

    So just to see how it would come out I made my own spreadsheet to make it work.

    Most of the calculations are based on straight numbers such as current win/loss, scoring both earned and allowed, yardages gained and lost etc.

    I do have a bit of tradition in my body so as part of the individual power rankings I used the win/loss percentages from all time (over 100 years), then 25 years, then 10 years, then 5 years, then now. The idea was to gauge the lifetime strength of the various teams while weighting it to the more current programs. So the current W/L outweighs the 5 year W/L etc. And, the power stat is used as a tiebreaker only.

    So, here is my results and surprisingly enough if there were a playoff of these teams I would not have a problem with it.

    Since no two folks are alike, how do y'all make your calls?

    <td>Team	Wins	Losses	Conference	Win PCT	POWER</td>
    <td>Ball State	11	0	MAC-W	100.00%	38.27</td>
    <td>Alabama	11	0	SEC-W	100.00%	37.26</td>
    <td>Boise State	11	0	WAC	        100.00%	32.41</td>
    <td>Utah          12	0	MWC	        100.00%	28.79</td>
    <td>Penn State	11	1	Big 10	91.67%	27.23</td>
    <td>Oklahoma	10	1	Big 12-S	90.91%	43.44</td>
    <td>Florida	10	1	SEC-E	90.91%	36.31</td>
    <td>Texas	10	1	Big 12-S	90.91%	30.64</td>
    <td>Texas Tech	10	1	Big 12-S	90.91%	30.01</td>
    <td>USC	         9	1	PAC-10	90.00%	35.14</td>

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