Hillary engages Clinton double act for White House

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    Hillary Clinton has enlisted her husband to attack the White House over Iraq in an attempt to shore up her sliding support among Democrat activists.

    The New York senator, who is expected to run for the White House in 2008, has been alarmed by a drop in her opinion polls ratings as she pays the political price for backing President George W Bush's decision to topple Saddam Hussein.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton: Past and future leaders?
    Her hawkish stance was originally a useful way to shed her liberal reputation, but has become an increasing political liability as America's mood has swung against the war.

    Anxious that criticising the way the occupation has been handled could expose to the accusations of "flip-flopping" - a charge that cost John Kerry when he ran against President Bush last year - she is leaving the task to her husband. As political positioning for the 2008 polls begins, it will be him, not her, who placates the Democratic Left with attacks on Mr Bush's Iraq policy.

    The new double act is being seen as a variation of President Clinton's old "triangulation" strategy, where he positioned himself between Democrats and Republicans, that helped win his second term in the White House in 1996. Political observers believe that the Clintons are now engaged in 'triangulation" over Iraq.

    Dick Morris, the political strategist who masterminded President Clinton's re-election but is now an outspoken critic of Sen Clinton, said: "Bill and Hillary are playing a pas-de-deux in satisfying both the Left and the Centre of the Democratic Party.

    "For the first time in their careers, they can really be all things to all people - Hillary, a hawk voting for the war; Bill, a dove blasting the decision to wage it. Should the elections in Iraq really turn the corner and give that nation a working democracy and America a way out of Baghdad, Hillary can always say she was there from the beginning. But should the casualties only mount, she can join Bill on his Leftist perch."

    But Mickey Kaus, a leading conservative Internet blogger, predicted that any attempt by the pair to equivocate over Iraq would backfire. "The new trick won't work," he wrote.

    Sen Clinton's dilemma shows that both Democrats and Republicans are suffering angst over the invasion, as US troop casualties pass the 2,000 mark and calls escalate for a prompt withdrawal.

    Well do you all think it will work for her?
    I personally can't stand the----- person.

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