Hillary Clinton is America's Angela Merkel

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    Unless Clinton plans on choosing Bernie Sanders as her VP pick, I cannot see how she'll survive. Like Trump, Sanders was not expected to do as well as he has done. In some states, Sanders is neck and neck with Hillary Clinton. It's obvious that Clinton is not as popular with Democrats as some would have us to believe. Nevertheless, 'the powers that be' – will make sure she wins the nomination.

    So what happens after Bernie Sanders goes home?

    Can we really believe that Sander's voters will shift their support to Hillary when Donald Trump is a viable alternative? I believe that when Clinton and Sanders go their separate ways,their voters will too. While Sanders may give Hillary his endorsement, it isn't likely to mean much.

    Perhaps that is why Sanders is killing time talking to his supporters about his entitlement plans. When he isn't talking about giving away the farm - he's busy slandering Donald Trump.

    Hilary's speeches have a similar pattern. She rarely mentions Bernie. It's all about Trump preventing Syrian refugees (Islamic Invaders) from reaching our shores. It is as if these two Democratic candidates are not running against each other for the nomination.

    While the GOP is running a real race before the American people with photographs of the crowds and live debates on major networks - one would be hard pressed to find most Clinton rallies with more than one hundred people in attendance.

    Clinton reminds me of a certain Democratic Congressman who was a friend of Barack Obama's. He had an awful record and I spoke firsthand with many people in his district who loathed him. During election year he appeared at a few small gatherings. Nothing substantial. It was odd behavior for someone seeking reelection. His opponent was busy campaigning right up to the day people entered the voting booths.

    I expected him to win by a landslide but the reverse happened. Someone fixed the vote. Suddenly it made sense as to why the Congressman didn't bother with a real campaign. He already knew the outcome. It happened to Norm Coleman when Al Franken was declared the winner.

    It happens… and it is about to happen to Sanders. In a fair election Sanders would probably defeat Clinton.

    I predict a lot of Sander's votes will be going to Donald Trump in the near future.

    How can Hillary Clinton hope to gain any credibility as a champion of women's rights while Juanita Broaddrick's rape is hanging around her neck like an albatross?

    Ms. Broaddrick has made it clear that it was Hillary Clinton who intimidated her into silence. Angela Merkel tried to silence the voices of over 500 rape victims in Cologne, Germany because of her own political ambition. Merkel and Clinton have much in common! In their world? The end justifies the means!

    Clinton is the woman who said, “What difference does it make?” ….when questioned on why she lied about a you tube video causing a protest /demonstration at Benghazi.

    This is the woman who has made American history as the first presidential candidate (of either party) to be under investigation by the FBI during a presidential election.

    This is the same woman who is blaming Donald Trump for violent protesters which her dear friend, George Soros, sent to disrupt the GOP front runner's rallies.
    Clinton And Soros Are Behind Violent Riots At Trump Rallies, Not Sanders

    While Hillary Clinton was inside AIPAC delivering her speech – her former Advisor's (Sid Blumenthal) son, anti-zionist Max Blumenthal was outside protesting AIPAC and Israel!
    4 Times Sid Blumenthal Was More Than Hillary's 'Friend'

    Her assistant Huma Abedin, has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. While Abedin was working for a Muslim Brotherhood Journal, Clinton was requesting that Abedin's security clearance be expedited! To this very day, Abedin has avoided serious media scrutiny thanks to Mrs. Clinton's interference.
    Muslim Brotherhood Skeletons Remain in Hillary Clinton's Closet - Breitbart

    While the Muslim Brotherhood continues to plot the destruction of America, Hillary Clinton is busy aiding and abetting them. Hillary Clinton should already be behind bars for treason!

    The Democratic party is seriously worried about Trump's nomination and rightfully so. The American people are horrified by the actions of Angela Merkel. She has betrayed the German people. The American people must avoid making the same mistake.

    Hillary Clinton is America's Angela Merkel.
    Donald Trump 2016.
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    (YUCK) a Clinton/Sanders ticket DOES HAVE A CHANCE
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