Hey, Maybe They Just Backed The Wrong Side

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    [Newsweek announced during their earnings conference today that the print edition was losing too much money and would be phased out. They were riding high back in April, 2008, when they came out with an Obama on the front page cover with his ears cropped like he really was gonna need Air Force One to get around like a normal human. Newsweek was also riding high after the last presidential election when shortly afterwards the magazine contained the article that said "We're all Socialists now"
    But that was 2008 and environs, Americans were kind of like shoppers in the supermarket then buying a trial size package of a new product being offered at a next to nothing, way below market price. "At this price, whats the damage? How much harm can it do?" Well, over the last 41 months Americans have seen the damage and the harm the Chicago Communist School of governing and economic policy can do and they're simply not interested in buying anything that further hypes that catastrophically disastrous policy]

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