Heil unserer Fuehrerin Merkel

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    Hail Merkel, she is the most popular chancellor in German history
    even more popular then Adolf Hitler (ok nobody knows how
    popular he was during his dictatorship, I couldn't resist)
    But her approval rating reached 80% with is exceptional in
    any democracy.

    Merkel’s approval rating reaches 80%
    By Bertrand Benoit in Berlin
    Published: February 3 2006 16:25 | Last updated: February 3 2006 16:25

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s approval ratings have shot up to 80 per cent, making her by far the most popular leader in the history of the country.

    Her huge popularity has surprised analysts given the modest economic policies of Ms Merkel’s left-right coalition and her relatively limited public appearances.

    Since she became chancellor last November Ms Merkel has been mainly active in foreign policy – a field of less interest to many Germans.

    The latest poll, by the Infratest Dimap group for the ARD public-sector television network and the Die Welt daily, showed Ms Merkel’s approval ratings had risen 13 points in a month.

    Just before the general election last September, her rating stood at 56 per cent. Now she is 15 points ahead of her closest rival, Matthias Platzeck, the Social Democratic party chairman.

    Pollsters have warned that German public opinion is becoming more volatile and difficult to gauge. All institutes were forced to admit last year that they had failed to predict the inconclusive outcome of the election.

    Analysts said Ms Merkel’s popularity could not be explained by the traditional “honeymoon” that greets any new government and that she seemed to be benefiting from a wave of optimism sweeping the country.

    Surveys by market research institutes show consumer confidence is rising rapidly, although unemployment, which routinely tops the lists of people’s concerns, shows no sign of falling.

    Manfred Güllner, head of the Forsa polling group, told the FT that Ms Merkel’s remarkable climb was due to the peculiarity of her leading a “grand coalition” between the rival Christian and Social Democrats, the first such alliance since 1969.

    “With the SPD in the coalition, Merkel has no counterweight at present, nobody with any format who can attack her head-on,” Mr Güllner said.


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