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    Obama suggested we could begin by passing a bill for children’s universal health care. Unfortunately, since the election he has made little or no mention of this suggestion.

    Due to existing federal funding of the many children’s health insurance programs of states, (CHIPS)) for lesser income children, expansion to universal children’s health coverage is very feasible. The increase will be mitigated by cost reductions within all other (government and non-government) family health programs and contracts.

    Gradual rather than sudden increases of any additional health expenses and taxes are preferable. A children’s bill would attract political support and is difficult to oppose.

    Opponents fear enactment of children’s universal health care and our existing programs for the elderly may inevitably lead to universal health care for our entire population. Their fears are well founded.


    Voters will not accept awaiting tax reform as a valid reason for not passing a federal health plan before 2010. Our tax methods are regressive to any extent that wage earners are denied tax considerations available to other income earners. FICA payroll tax is a most regressive tax.

    Employer’ portions of FICA are imbedded within the prices of everything, (including USA’s exports). Employer portions also inhibit hiring. Due to FICA there are less job opportunities.

    There’s no logical relationship between income and medical need. Some advocate the all net federal expenses for heath entitlements be funded by a federal sales tax.

    If value added tax, (VAT) method is used, there is no hidden intermediate sales taxes imbedded within any sales transaction. (With a VAT system there are absolutely no intermediate or final sales taxes within USA export sales transactions).

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