Half the children under age 8 have access to media. Is this good?

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    Statistics on Children's Media Habits Show TV Is Still King | Ad Age Stat - Advertising Age

    In my field, Advertising Age magazine is the industry bible. Learning that half the children under age 8 have access to media two weeks after doctors said children under age two should not watch television or even be in the room when someone else is watching television is news.

    I would like to hear from some parents on the subject of children's exposure to media. In the home I grew up in television viewing was limited to under an hour a day. I am really not sure if media use by children is a problem.

    Apparently, from this article the media habits of children are important to marketeers. It has never been a secret that the selection of a brand of breakfast cereal is heavily influenced by children in the household, and that is not the only product. Mac Donald's success with the 'Happy Meal' is advertising legend. What they are really selling is the cardboard packaging around a product that is not so healthy.

    And, yes manufacturers consider children under age 8 to be consumers like anyone else.
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