Gunman Shoots 12, Kills 5 in Cumbria, England

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    BBC News - Cumbria shooting rampage death toll reaches 12

    Twelve people have been killed by a gunman who went on the rampage across Cumbria in north-west England.

    Taxi driver Derrick Bird shot dead a colleague in the town of Whitehaven before driving through the countryside apparently targeting people at random.

    Twenty-five others were injured, three critically and five seriously. Police said they had 30 separate crime scenes.

    This is a country with very strict gun laws. Weird!! He shot himself before police could arrest him. Good, save the taxpayers the cost of a trial and 'life' in prison.

    *Disclaimer: When I read the original report, 5 were dead.... I didn't look too closely at the title before posting it. My bad... it's 12 dead now.
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