Great Socialist Bottled Water Intervention Found Good For Babies!

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    Socialist Disaster Preparedness, so recently found abomination to the GOP old, fat, white people--cavorting about naked on other people's yachts, dumping substance and other treasure into the sea--has been found to work well in Japan. Not only is government testing the water, to see if it is safe for babies, but giant big government is even providing safe bottled waters for babies as well.

    After radiation spike, tests show tap water safe for babies in Tokyo -

    It is noted elsewhere that caskets are also being provided through Socialist, government intervention into the usual free market. Crematories otherwise would be. . . overcome, or something.

    Apparently it is all different from Mormonism.

    The GOP Tea Party Berkersers are even opposed to NOA warnings, hoping that conpersons, and scam artists, can plunder and pillage in the usual free market, as is usual: Given so many that then become helpless.

    On that basis, GOP intends a budget of the people, by the people, and for the White People with whom even Lincoln had the so many issues. Well over half a million were killed off, and that does not include the maimed and dismembered.

    The apparent Goal of that GOP agenda was to ship all the colored people--not even back to famous Africa, but to less expensive Costa Rica, instead.

    "Mission Accomplished!" was about this, even then(?).

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (The Royal Wedding Carriages, by comparison, will actually be used, and not even new: In the gulag, budgetary-conscious, manner of Her Majesty's far more Socialist, Interventionist, ways of pomp--given the current circumstances! Many will not be attending, in fact!)
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