Gov health care run restructure.

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    After much deserved criticism. How's this.

    This idea (proposal) will restructure, reform, and cut cost, and provide greater care for Medicare and Medicaid recipients. I see this idea benefiting those of us outside Medicare, Medicaid programs by creating competition, maybe stabilizing and possible lowering our tax rate in the future. This idea will flood the market place in time with health care professionals. Creating competition, by educating our own Medical Professionals there by creating greater access to health care for all of us. Limiting liability claims for the health care industry a must.

    We have (We the people) Medicare, Medicaid (Government run health care programs already in place.)

    I propose we build our own Medicare, Medicaid, Hospitals for our Medicare, Medicaid recipients in each and every County, Parrish, and District. All medical records networked from one Medicare, Medicaid Hospital to the next.

    There are about 3114 Counties Parishes, Districts ect….. in the United States.

    If we could build a 55,000 square foot hospital ( Medicare, Medicaid Hospital) at a cost of 13 million dollars ( See attached) within each and every County. Parish, District ect in the United States. Now taking that number and doubling it, for property, parking, equipment, and furnishings, it would cost us 26 million dollars (tops) to complete. Multiplying 26,000,000 by 3114 Counties, Parishes, and Districts totals 80,964,000,000. We now have (We the people) a Medicare, Medicaid Hospital in each and every County, Parish, and District in the entire United States. We could set it all up with some of that stimulus money. Jobs now if not but for a few and a short period of time.

    We could have our own diagnostic equipment, ambulance and pharmacy right there in our own Medicare, Medicaid Hospital. All computers networked from one Medicare, Medicaid hospital to the next. A patient could go from one end of the United States to the other and there medical records and prescriptions would follow. Any outsourcing that may need to be done such as maybe heart surgery could upload and update medical records to the local Medicare, Medicaid, Hospital along with the bill to be reviewed and passed on for payment. Any local Medicare, Medicaid Hospital employee responsible for review of payment caught in the act of fraud should face severe criminal penalty.

    Now let’s build our own Medicare, Medicaid manufacturing plant in say Michigan? We build our own Hospital Beds, Wheel Chairs, Walkers, ect. We now ship them to our Medicare, Medicaid Hospital for furnishings and to distribute among those that need them at home, only to be returned when no longer needed. We just did away with rental costs and who knows how much fraud.

    If ninety beds per hospital, per patient, per day saved us 400.00 dollars. We would save 40,917,960,000 per year. Paying for itself in two years. Common sense says the savings will be much more than this. Probably save that much in Rental Equipment alone.

    Counties, Parishes, and Districts population will vary. Keeping that in mind a 55,000 Square Foot Hospital is a fair size hospital. It will take some research as to properly distribute what’s needed where. Some will require less Sq/ft, some will require more. Some cities may require more than one Hospital. The savings will still follow.
    Now about staffing the thing.

    How many I wonder have the gifted IQ to become a physician and not the funds. My idea would be to give free education along with room and board. Same goes for the nurses. We put them on contract stating upon graduation you come to work at the Medicare, Medicaid Hospital. We give them the option to leave us for the private sector after a stated period of time. Provided you pay us in full for the educational costs we have invested in you. Those that borrow the money to pay us back or save it them selves to pay us back will only enter the private sector creating competition and greater access to health care for everyone else.. For now we staff it best we can.

    All in all Medicare, Medicaid Reform can be had here. No telling how much money could be saved. Records kept on all patients at all Medicare, Medicaid Hospitals. Now think dialysis and nursing homes.

    Dale Stoltz
    Jacksonville Texas.

    Quick Construction Cost Estimate for a Hospital (2-3 Story) with Face Brick with Structural Facing Tile / Steel Frame US National Average as of 1/1/2008
    RSMeans Quick Square Foot Cost Estimates

    The following analysis estimates the cost to build a hospital (2-3 story) with face brick with structural facing tile / steel frame using US National Average costs from 2008 RSMeans cost data. Costs are derived from a building model that assumes basic components, using union labor for a 55000 square foot building. NOTE: Scope differences and market conditions can cause costs to vary significantly.

    Hospital (2-3 Story) with Face Brick with Structural Facing Tile / Steel Frame
    Location: US National Average
    Stories: 3
    Story Height (L.F.): 12.00
    Floor Area (S.F.): 55000
    Labor Type: Union
    Basement Included: No
    Data Release: Year 2008
    Cost Per Sq Ft: $239.03
    Building Cost: $13,146,505

    Square Foot Cost Estimate % of Total Cost Per SF Cost
    Total $182.46 $10,035,500
    Contractor Fees (GC,Overhead,Profit) 25% $45.62 $2,508,875
    Architectural Fees 6% $10.95 $602,130
    User Fees 0% $0 $0
    Total Building Cost $239.03 $,505

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