GOP State & Local Victories Creating Intended Hoover-Style Job-Losses!

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    Thanks to the Obama Stimulus, which even Governor Romney faults for having created the Recovery, then state and local government jobs, including in schools, were saved.

    Now after GOP state and local victories, Challenger reports that state and local government layoff intentions were at 10,000 and more, in their latest report, today:

    Econoday Report: Challenger Job-Cut Report July 6, 2011

    The Socialist businesses turnaround has layoff announcements at record lows, in comparison. Because of Great Socialist interventions, then the U. S. auto industry even makes cars, now.

    None of that was intended or created by Herbert Hoover-Boehner-Cantor-McConnell-Romney-Bachman-Cain-McCain-Palin-Pawlenty-Huntsman-Paul-Paul-et. al., who said "No!" to it all.

    The GOP won state and local elections in the midterms, and not The Senate or The White House--Because Republicans only intend the layoffs Herbert Hoover created. And so state and local governments now lead the U.S. in the job loss categories.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Herbert Hoover did ask the American Friends Service Committee--of the Quakers--to intercede at the onset of the Great Depression. They had Nobel Prize Money, after all.)

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