GOP Creating Separate But Equal Total Credit Market(?)!

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    The Total U. S. Credit Market is $53.0 tril. The federal portion isn't even $15.0 tril.

    FRB: Z.1 Release--L.1--Credit Market Debt Outstanding--June 9, 2011

    So what businesses and consumers can do, the GOP says that the U. S. Federal government should not be able to do. Many state and local governments also require balanced budgets, and now can't help in the economic recovery. State and Local job losses are keeping the Stimulated recovery from booming.

    The Old Fat White People, Cavorting About Naked On Other People's Yachts--Dumping Substance And Other Treasure Into the Sea--want to spread that around.

    Famously, The Mormons have a separate but equal bible from the Adam Smith Protestant version. That is different from the actual version. Then there are the Catholic editions. Famously, GDP grew at 0.4% at the first of the year. It is picking up steam in the second quarter of the year, at 1.3% increase of growth.

    GOP clearly wants that stopped, contening now for a change in what has clearly worked in the current economy, post-Great Recession. The federal government is in fact a Separate But Equal accounting trick. The balance sheets and accounting are different. Now a bunch of lawyers want to put the accounting tricks, into the U. S. Constitution--rigid and unable to be changed(?)!

    The GOP has yet to explain what the problem is with having customers spending, in the stores.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Many can vote for "a balanced budget amendment," but clearly later on, not that one(?)!)

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