Ant-semite and Conspiraciist Trash heap

Discussion in 'Israel and Palestine' started by abu afak, Nov 25, 2012.

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    The most oft used source I see here from the Wack Job anti-cough-zionists is GlobalResearch, an off the wall site favored by alot of 9/11-truthers as well.

    Aside from Porn, these LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) websites are about the most popular: Rense, Whatreallyhappened, PrisonPlanet, etc.
    GlobalResearch has a more credible sounding name but is the same Conspiracy and anti-Jew Porn for dopes. - RationalWiki

    MANY Frigging Clowns here use this POS as a source.

    In fact, there is NOT ONE serious non-bigoted/non-wacked Israel policy critic here. NOT ONE.
    This place is a Garbage heap for Stupid Bigots.
    The better posters having Fled to more Civil debate sites leaving the Stormfront rejects here. (or forced here)
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