Global Warming is About Taxes and Control

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    About the so-called "Carbon Tax"

    It is the opinion of the writer that the following information reveals the real nature of the so-called people-caused "Global Warming" scam/scheme.

    The desired outcome from all of the fraudulent propaganda about people-caused global warming is designed to provide the basis for imposing a TAX on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that causes the direct or indirect emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

    A breathing human produces CO2.
    A breathing animal produces CO2.
    Combustion of hydrocarbon fuels emits CO2.
    Anything that requires the use of hydrocarbon fueled energy generation causes production and emission of CO2.

    Do you use hot water? Electric or gas water heater?

    Gas, coal, fuel oil, wood, etc, hydrocarbon fuel was used to provide the energy (heat) for making the water hot. (Nuclear Power Plants make heat without combustion of carbon based fuels, the "smoke" seen exiting the top of those cooling towers is water vapor, which does add to the 'greenhouse" effect).

    Thanks to the East Anglia (UK) whistle-blowers, who made it possible to discern the fraudulent foundational basis for the scientific corroboration of the diabolical plans of those conspirators plotting to strip all flesh-and-blood living souls on the planet of their rights and dignity, the knowledge of the tool to be used, "Carbon Tax" "Cap and Trade" schemes, can be recognized as the diabolically evil plans that they actually represent.

    Here's a question: Could the Sun be causing the Earth's cyclical climate changes?
    And the answer: Yes. Mountains of data (not manipulated) have been recorded over hundreds of years that reveal the fact that the Earth responds to subtle cyclical physical changes of the Sun.

    Since it would probably cause a violent and bloody revolution by Friday to impose a tax on everyone for the receipt of the benefits of the Sun, someone came up with the bright idea of making Earth's Sun-caused cyclical heating-cooling your fault for being alive, and since you caused this problem, as the guilty party, you must pay a TAX for your crimes.

    Being alive, on planet Earth, is now a crime.

    Carbon: 6 electrons; 6 protons; 6 neutrons. That's 666 folks. Is Carbon evil?

    Guess what, we, mankind, have carbon based physical bodies.

    "Carbon Tax" Yea. That's the ticket.

    QUESTION: What is the "carbon tax?"

    ANSWER: Total control and authority over the life of every living thing on the planet.

    1. When electric power plants use coal, gas, fuel-oil, wood, any carbon based fuel, one of the by-products of combustion of those substances is CO2 (Carbon-Oxygen).

    2. When transportation machines, i.e., ships, aircraft, rail systems, truck-tractors, buses, automobiles, motor cycles, snowmobiles, all employ hydrocarbon fuels, one of the by-products of combustion of those substances is CO2.

    3. When electric power is put to use in the residence abode, office building, any other structure where electric power is consumed, (see 1., above).

    4. When human beings, animals and plants breathe, one of the by-products of respiration is CO2.

    The carbon tax will be used to tax all life into oblivion.

    To enforce the tax, inspections and audits will be required – forget personal freedom and privacy.

    The conspirators and the lawyers have been working on the "machinery" of this "Carbon Tax" for years. Here is one of their tools:

    International Property Maintenance Code

    See a sample IPMC code adopted in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA:

    Property Maintenance Code (PMC) inspector is the sole decision-making authority with TOTAL immunity from prosecution in the conspirator's court system.

    Every day a PMC violation occurs for each instance is a separate offense, fine and jail..
    $550.00 and or 30 days jail per infraction per day (mandatory misdemeanor).

    (The jail time will be based on your "attitude," of course. Nice [lawyer-liar] judge).

    Don't you DARE take a stand for your individual rights. A "law" officer will come to "see" you with a gun. And at the barrel of a gun, if required, he will kill you, having written authorization by the "court" to do so, (it's called a Warrant).

    What constitutes an infraction?

    Short answer: Anything the inspector declares to be an infraction is an infraction.
    (Fine and/or jail mandatory).

    i.e., anything on the property the code inspector declares to be "not in good working order."

    Example: sticky window, loose window, dented gutter, plugged gutter; (use your imagination).​

    i.e., anything inspector declares to be an unsanitary condition, etc.

    Example: puddle, pet pooh, empty cans, trash is visible, etc. (use your imagination).​

    GoTo: ICC - International Code Council click <Government Relations> then <Code Adoption Resources>
    International Codes adoption by state:

    On the ICCsafe website learn about the diabolical codes that are being adopted by virtually every jurisdiction in the USA.

    Did you know?

    When did you get NOTICE about this Carbon Tax tool – Property Maintenance Codes – ?

    Check it out for yourself. Find out about the Sun's influence on the Earth.

    Interesting place to start: The Lost Tomb of Viracocha, Maurice Cotterell

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