Global Warming- A Novel Idea

Discussion in 'Environment' started by publicprotector, Jul 19, 2009.

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    As it would appear that Governments around the World are hell bent on this Global warming charade with the sole purpose of taxing us to death so how about this.

    Instead of punitive taxes and fines how about actually helping people use less power, provide cheap solar panels/collectors, wind turbines home insulation etc.

    How about forcing manufactures to stop manufacturing tons of packaging that we the consumer then have to get rid of.

    How about getting rid of all the plastic bottles and containers and going back to more natural materials.

    How about awarding people for their efforts in reducing their carbon footprint.

    How about building new homes with all these features built in.

    I'm sure they could do all this and more but there is just one problem, there is no money in it for them. So the Global Warming scam for that is what it is has been set up and designed with the sole purpose to generate income, not to reduce pollution or waste they don't give a toss. Its just yet another scam in which to get money out of us, if they really cared they could eassily do the aformentioned but they won't because they are lying cheating scumbags.
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    Let's ban ALL manufacture and use of CO2 for entertainment purposes -- fake "smoke" at rock concerts, sporting events, wrestling events, Hollywood special effects... Soda pop carbonation, paint ball guns, any and all toys... also for places where it's been superseded, such as water treatment, fire fighting.... If it's REALLY so bad these are the cheapest and easiest ways to stop millions of tons of it from going into the atmosphere every year.

    Lets just get the fuck off foreign oil by NOT buying it anymore! Let's do that NOW. The free marketplace will come up with viable, economic alternatives real fast, and we'll bankrupt our enemies instead of financing them.

    THESE are things they would do, if they really truly themselves believed in their own cause. But they don't, the cause is simply an excuse to gain more control over people's lives.
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