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    Global Trade isn’t that hard to figure out.
    Maybe British Petroleum wouldn’t be pouring American oil all over the Alaskan tundra, blowing up workers in Texas or controlling more than 80 percent of the oil and gas reserves in the entire state of Wyoming.
    How about a few suggestions?
    Any company doing business in the United States should be charged a premium on their taxes equal to that of the loss to their American competitor.
    Any company doing business in the United States that employs union workers in their home country will be required to provide union jobs and benefits to their American workers equal to that provided to their home country employees and adjusted to match the cost of living in the United States.
    Any American company moving manufacturing off shore and them importing or moving finished goods back to the United States for sale will be charged a tax import fee equal to that amount to bring the product in line with prices provided by its nearest competitor based in the United States.
    No foreign based company shall be allowed to own land in the United States. 7 year rental contracts may be provided to the owners of the land but no transfer of ownership will take place to a person, entity or corporation outside of the United States or with home offices in a foreign nation.
    Any foreign based company will surrender all title and deeds to lands upon which their facilities are currently located and will pay all costs and fees for transferring the titles and deeds to local government and the rent collected from the land and for the real goods and manufacturing machinery will be used by the local government for off setting taxes of American citizens for a period of not less than and not more than 7 years. At the end of the 7 years the local government must surrender the lands in a closed auction that only American citizens will be allowed to participate in. At no time will these deeds and titles be transferable to an individual, entity or corporation outside of the United States.
    No foreign company or American company owned all or in part by a foreign individual, entity or corporation shall be able to be engaged in real estate transactions in the United States nor shall they be able to conduct any commercial or home building businesses of any kind.
    No foreign company or American company owned all or in part by a foreign individual, entity or corporation shall be able to own or operate farms in the United States for the purpose of growing and exporting from or selling within the United States.
    Any American company hiring off shore workers to prepare work or goods to be used and sold in the United States shall pay a tax fee equal to 100 percent of the cost of hiring and paying the off shore worker.
    Any foreign company importing materials or goods into the United States through a NAFTA or CAFTA partner shall pay a tax fee equal to 100 percent of the cost of manufacturing, shipping and selling the good in the United States of 1 and a half times the suggested retail price whichever is greater.
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    Actually, it is. Point in case, your post.

    If America wasn't such a black hole, tax-wise, maybe an American company like Exxon would have more of that stuff.

    Sure, I'll bite.

    This would give all American companies an unfair advantage in the market. It also stifles innovation. The foreign company has no reason to innovate, since cutting costs will be automatically made up in taxes. The American company has no reason to lower prices, as whatever lower price the competitor can offer will be made up in taxes. To have a free market, you cannot stifle competition like this, as it leads to market stagnation.

    Better yet, allow American workers to work on their own terms, instead of forcing them to charge such an outrageous rate for their labor that hiring union workers overseas and then shipping to the U.S. cheaper.

    Once again, this is a discouragement of competition and leads to market stagnation. If one competitor can't figure out how to cut costs, then it should fail.

    This, once again, gives entirely domestic companies an unfair advantage by forcing foreign companies to pay the government through the nose just to have a few offices here. Many businesses would simply choose to stop doing business in the U.S.

    So we take their land and boot them out, then give the money to the taxpayers? Doesn't that seem a little malicious? I guess they'll need it when costs go up because no foreign company will do any business in the U.S. and must pay outrageous taxes to ship in products.

    Basically, more of the same. No foreigners can own any land here. Way to drop the bomb on the real estate market and be oh so friendly to, well, everybody who's enough of a evil, stupid bastard to actually be born outside the U.S.

    More of the same. See above.

    So either we'll raise prices on all goods made overseas or deny a bunch of foreigners jobs...and raise prices on all goods that used to made overseas. Wonderful. Why don't you just call it the 'screw you, everybody' tax?

    Same as above.

    Ok, here's what I see. America was an economic powerhouse. Then we start the corporate income tax, making sure that any company actually based in America would have to pay the federal government through the nose. Then came a bunch of regulations like California's high minimum wage and Pennsylvania's rediculous health insurance requirements which drove up prices even more. Any company that did business internationally couldn't compete, as their prices had to go up by quite a bit to cover the taxes and other costs. Fearing bankruptcy, they move some of their operations overseas so they can actually deliver goods for less than an arm and a leg, and your solution to the mass exodus of these jobs is...MORE TAXATION?! WTF is wrong with you? Prices on goods are high enough as it is, and I'm already paying through the nose in income taxes! This would practially DOUBLE my taxes and considering how they're being spent, I'd rather just flee the country than live under such an oppressive system.

    You apparantly have NO grip on global trade or even basic economics. Go take principles of macroeconomics from a teacher without a socialist agenda, then come talk to me.

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