Getting Romney-Ryan Back On Message After Eastwood(?): "Yes We Can(?). .Do This(?)!"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mascale, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Paul Ryan is already cited everywhere for noting this below, in the "Prepared(?)" remarks to the Republican National Convention. Clint Eastwood is more likely all over the national media on six continents noting his remarks to the Republican National Convention. So Ryan and Eastwood, put together?
    “The work ahead will be hard. These times demand the best of us – all of us — but we can do this. Together, we can do this,” he said. . . .(insert Eastwood noting that Governor Romney cannot do this). . . (Actually), We can do this.” ("Yes We Can!(?)")

    This raises the question(?): "Are these people at all serious about the national campaign?"

    The Ryan Remarks so-mis-stated virtually everything as to make any foreign capital wonder just what will happen if they win. Governor Romney would go on to threaten some veiled concept of retaliation if trade agreements were not kept.

    There is no other mention of "trade agreements," or other specifics. It is not altogether clear that the Republican National ticket even bothers to read what it puts out in their very own campaign addresses! Then when it comes to international treaty obligations(?). . .There is no further discussion at all! There is mainly some veiled allusion to the "Helter-Skelter" family values of Bush-Cheney, shooting at everyone--without cause!

    They want everyone reading about "Legitimate Rape" in their platform, or something(?)!

    "We Can Do This(?)! They Can't Do This(?)!" Actually, worldwide, anyone even has access to the new clowns, from RNC, just on YouTube. . .and then it's on to Twitter. . .And then, Yeeeee! Haaaawww!

    Anyone has to wonder if they are really running as a ticket to take over a small state somewhere in the Northeast, or something. Rhode Island is bigger than Massachusetts, or something? The 50 U. S. national states appear to be nowhere on their minds(?). . .if focus. . . .they have(?), on even anything at all!

    "Let's all get upstaged in America(?)!"

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many White Eyes Not Mean What They Say! Many White Eyes Not Say What They Mean! Mainly Many White Eyes Point To Empty Chairs. . .And Nod Off(?)! Hmmmmm!)

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