Getting On Board The Obama-Biden Market Friendly Economy! China 7.6% GDP Doing Fine

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    CNBC finally had Warren Buffet on this week, noting an increase of housing activity. The bankers are also on board with the finding.

    Comparing with Romney-Bush-Cheney-Paul Ryan-Boehner--McConnell--Cantor, Paul, Paul, et. al. brand: Socialist China has managed to slow itself down to 7.6% GDP growth rates.

    News Headlines

    The Communists, at least, have read Lord Keynes. Any slowdown threat to orderly "Change They Can Believe In," will likely be met with new public works spending. Chinese bankers will be on board, marveling at their own private sector debt loads. The Socialist Credit Market, in the United States, exceeds $50+ tril.

    CNBC commentator Pisani even managed to write something down about China. Italy is stable, if maybe not all of the Italians. No Helter Skelter, Manson Family Values wars, are in the offing. Iraq and Afghanistan are actually winding down--the atrocities fomented GOP therein.

    China is proletariat, market friendly. That is further the Obama-Biden-Pelosi-Reid kind of brand. GOP, noted above, is prosperous-only friendly. The outcome was even shown in Matthew 25::14-30. The proletariat can't pay the mortgage, then the money might as well be just buried in the earth.

    Romeny-Reign famously thought that to be a good idea for lots of companies, in fact: It appears on one or another of the permanent records.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Many Reservation Indians now ready to serve: Many at undisclosed locations. . .away out behind the dishwashing machine rooms!)
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