Getting a gun in Chicago quick and easy

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    By frank main

    Want to know how to get a gun?

    Just ask Chris.

    The skinny teen attends high school in Chicago and is a talented athlete. But he’s also a notorious gunslinger.

    As a shooter in a South Side gang, he can get his hands on a gun as quick as you can get a burger at a fast-food restaurant.

    “I will make a call and say I need a gun. I will ride down the street on my bike and get it — five minutes.”

    The Chicago Sun-Times sat down with Chris for a lesson on how gangs get guns. Armed gangs like Chris’ have driven up Chicago’s murder total 28 percent above the tally at this time last year. And Chris is on the front lines of the shooting.

    “For your ’hood, you can’t stop [getting] guns because it’s war season. A gang need any gun it can get,” said the teen, who has worked as an informant for police and asked for anonymity. The Sun-Times is identifying him by an alias.

    ‘Gun guys’

    He knows men whose full-time job in the underground economy is to buy guns from suburban stores and illegally sell them to criminals.

    Chris calls them the “gun guys.” The cops have another name for them: “straw purchasers.”

    “Gun guys” have clean records allowing them to obtain Illinois firearm owner’s identification cards. With FOID cards, they can legally buy guns at stores in the suburbs.

    Then they illegally sell them to gang members banned from owning guns because of their criminal backgrounds.

    Most of the guns recovered in crimes in Chicago were bought in suburban gun stores, according to a new University of Chicago Crime Lab study of police gun-trace data.


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    Getting a gun in Chicago quick and easy - Chicago Sun-Times
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    Okolona, KY
    Granny says, "Dat's right - call out the National Guard...
    Retired general says National Guard could help curb Chicago violence
    February 21, 2013 - To reduce the homicides and shootings plaguing Chicago streets, elected officials should consider calling on the state and federal governments for help, even the National Guard if necessary, said a retired Army lieutenant general who spearheaded the military response after Hurricane Katrina.
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    Well, damn, do these criminals not understand what gun free zones are? Do they not appreciate the strict laws put forth by the left to keep people safe? Shameful that they'll take advantage of laws that prevent people from defending themselves against the scum that roams the city. Typical criminals. Of course, they aren't the target of the liberal gun control laws.
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