Get a friggin’ job.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LilOlLady, Jan 30, 2012.

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    You are hurting the economy and driving up the deficit with your unemployment insurance and food stamps. There are jobs to be had and they may not pay more than your previous or in past line of work but it is a job and working Americans, even with low paying jobs, stimulate the economy and help pay down the deficit.
    The problem is unemployment insurance laws that do not require one to take a job that pay less than their previous and no monitoring if the unemployed is actually seeking jobs and not just flipping through the yellow pages and putting down business calling if there are job openings and that is the extent of their job searching. 99 weeks and extensions is not Obama fault but he is going along with what previous administrations and unemployment laws. That is the problem and need to be changed.
    Unemployed who are not looking for jobs are hurting the economy and driving up the economy. People who are working, even at minimum wage jobs help to stimulate the economy and do not drive up the deficit even if it does not pay it down.
    My ex-son-in-law who lost his jobs at the bank approving loans for houses has is on his last extension and has not even looked for a job because he shares an apartment and pays $300 and the rest he pockets and use on his drugs.
    My daughter has three jobs. My grand-daughter has one jobs and runs a business where she go to beauty salons and washes and distributes their towels.
    I know a dentist and a teacher that supplements their regular jobs by working at Wal-Mart.
    There are jobs if one wants one so get a friggin’ job because your working will help the economy and the deficit. May not be what you want but it is a job and it is taking personal responsibility. Plus it is making Obama look bad. He could change that by changing the unemployment insurance laws and monitoring the jobs seekers.
    Americans on unemployment and food stamps are hurting the economy and driving up the deficit as much as other factors.
    So there, I said it.

    Rubio said the democratic party is pitting republicans against each other. Rubio, they are doing that all by them selves. Gingrich, Romney, Santorum are beating up on each other like something I have never seen before.
    Santorum, Romney go home and take care of your families. They need you we don’t. plus it would cost us too much to house you, feed you, provide you all with health care and security. We want to cut government spending not increase it.
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    I'm sure you'll be hiring soon for people in your new News agency, since apparently you are the first to break this little tidbit. You must be a media genius.

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