Germany has a message for refugees: Not a land of milk and honey

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    Home Sweet Home
    Germany has set up a new website that accompanies local campaigns in countries like Afghanistan.

    Here are the most relevant points:

    7 big lies of traffickers
    What are some of the most common false promises made by human traffickers? Refugees told European media about the most common and most brazen lies they’ve had to hear.

    LIE No. 1
    “The ship for the crossing is very big, it even has a pool and a cinema.”

    The real situation on many refugee boats in the Mediterranean is extremely dangerous ©dpa
    People smugglers often use only the oldest and cheapest boats they can get. Many of these are barely seaworthy. This allows traffickers to maximize profit. In 2016 alone, more than 5,000 people died when crossing the Mediterranean Sea in such boats.

    LIE No. 2
    “Germany has reserved 800,000 slots for Afghan refugees alone.”

    Registration of refugees ©dpa
    A clear no! There are no such slots for specific countries. Each case is examined individually.

    LIE No. 3
    “We have 25 years of experience, and your transport to Europe is 100 percent legal and achievable.”

    Refugees crossing a wild river ©dpa
    People smugglers are criminals and only interested in your money, not in your life! Thousands of irregular migrants are rejected each year. And sadly, many die during the dangerous passage.

    LIE No. 4
    “Big German corporations constantly need new workforce, so that Germany takes on 5,000 migrants daily.”

    Waiting in line at the employment agency ©dpa
    False as well. There is no job quota for migrants. Although there is a need for skilled workforce, those entering Germany illegally will not be able to get a job. Also note that the German government does not provide refugees with jobs.

    LIE No. 5
    “Every refugee receives a welcome payment of 2,000 euros.”

    Only a dream: There is no cash money to be collected in Germany ©dpa
    Contrary to rumours and misinformation deliberately spread by human traffickers, Germany does not provide a welcome payment. By spreading such lies, human traffickers knowingly put people’s lives in danger.

    LIE No. 6
    “Germany grants a house to every refugee.”

    Little space at a typical refugee camp in Germany ©dpa
    Nobody will be given their own house. In fact, finding a place to live has become more and more difficult in Germany, especially in big cities. Also note that you cannot choose freely where to live while you seek asylum and may have to stay in remote places where nobody understands your language.

    LIE No. 7
    “…and if you don’t like it in Germany, they’ll just give you a visa for Canada.”

    Canada is a dream destination for many. But Germany is not the way to get there. ©dpa
    This is straight nonsense. No such agreement whatsoever exists between Germany and Canada – or any other country, for that matter.

    Rumours about Germany
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    Ah, come one ... come all

    Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome..

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    Germany is lost.
    The biggest problem Germans have not children, Muslims outnumber native Germans in all schools.
    One -two generations and Germany will be a Caliphate.
    100 %


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