German gets the boot off airplane for his B.O....

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by fuzzykitten99, Nov 22, 2006.

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    You'll have to check the Marauder's Map...

    Back in August '05, Tim and I were on the flight back home from Vegas, and were sitting behind some Germans (we heard them speaking German and their accent in English was unmistakable) and they smelled like they just spent a week there (temps reaching 120°F) and couldn't seem to find the shower. Seriously. Even the people next to us kept looking at them and at us and giving us that look like "How can you stand it?" I almost said something to the flight attendant, but I held my tongue for some reason. I think i just didn't want to make a scene or something.
    Yeah, I know Europeans shower less, but come on, they also don't live in that kind of temperature zone all the time either, so you would think they would have the common sense to take that into consideration. I don't care what your habits are at home, please consider others' noses before you board a plane or any other public transportation where you will be enclosed for several hours. Either shower WITH SOAP or at least use an anti-perspirant/deoderant.

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