Gerald Celente: My Bones Tell Me This Thing Is Coming Down Fast (GLD, SLV)

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    “The world is headed for the Great Depression, Greatest Depression,” Trends Research Institute Founder Gerald Celente tells Lew Rockwell, Tuesday. “This will be much worse than the 1930′s Depression. We’re in the global age, and it’s spreading globally.”

    Celente goes on to explain that, depending upon the estimates one uses, the Fed has injected between $18 trillion and $25 trillion to prop up the “too big to fails” and the “corrupt banking system.”

    And the result? Nothing but poor unemployment numbers, according to him, including 750,000 more jobs lost since March to offset any alleged gains in employment reported by the U.S. Department of Labor so far this year.

    After all those trillions of dollars thrown into the system, there is no recovery. “America is turning into a plantation economy,” says Celente.

    Just as the Great Depression of the 1930′s ushered in high crime rates, alcoholism and suicides, today’s start of the “Greater Depression,” according to Celente, already reveals a nation repeating the social ills of a past economic nightmare.

    “Look at the crime rates. Look at the insanity that is happening,” says Celente.

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