Gallup Obama-Biden Bounce In The Making, And It's Only Friday!

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    The unemployment rate dropped 0.2% in the August Reporting. ADP had a much stronger growth than did BLS, in actual new positions. The three different surveys do three different things, and all three did something positiive.

    Just coincidentally, the Democratic Convention was on display for three separate nights, doing three separate things at least. Gallup one day after, in the tracking, has Obama up by three over "He-Who-Flip-Flops-More-Than-Fish-Out-Of-Water!"

    Gallup Presidential Election Trial Heat Results: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Many Now Come To Lands of Many Nations--To Do Adult Game Things. Odds in games, even, now pro-Obama-Biden!)

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