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    September 23, 2005
    How 'Desperate' Are You?
    Find out which Wisteria Lane resident you most resemble.

    It's back! After a summer hiatus that saw three of the stars net Emmy nominations (and one win for Felicity Huffman), the ABC hit "Desperate Housewives" returns at 9 p.m. Sunday. To celebrate this grand occasion, we decided to share this quiz with you, with the permission of its compilers, the good folks at

    Find out which housewife you most relate to: Self-absorbed Gabrielle?
    Ditzy Susan? Stressed-out Lynette? Or seemingly perfect Bree?

    1. It's Friday night and you've been invited to a glamorous party. What do you wear?
    A. Something ladylike and understated.
    B. A specially designed dress just for you.
    C. Something that sparkles and looks totally glamorous
    D. Simple and flowing, in a deep red color.

    2. You need an extra pair of hands around the house. What sort of person are you looking for?
    A. Someone quick and efficient.
    B. A young, sexy male.
    C. A friendly face who is always there for a chat.
    D. Someone who will be good with the children.

    3. What do you and your partner always end up fighting about?
    A. We never fight.
    B. Sex.
    C. Money.
    D. The kids.

    4. If you had to choose a Hollywood hunk to spend an evening with, who would it be?
    A. Jeremy Irons
    B. Brad Pitt
    C. Jude Law
    D. George Clooney

    5. You are asked to bring a dish to a dinner party. What do you decide to make?
    A. Ratatouille.
    B. Nothing; you forget.
    C. A quick and easy salad.
    D. Apple pie.

    6. What's your favorite love song?
    A. "Every Breath You Take," The Police
    B. "Let's Get It On," Marvin Gaye
    C. "My Heart Will Go On," Celine Dion
    D. "Wicked Game," Chris Isaak

    7. How do you react in a crisis?
    A. You are calm and collected; nothing fazes you.
    B. You shout, scream and cry a lot.
    C. You panic and make things worse.
    D. Try your best to resolve the situation as peacefully as you can.

    8. What are you most likely to be doing on weekends?
    A. Mowing the grass and washing your car.
    B. Out shopping and partying.
    C. Recovering from the previous week.
    D. Running after the kids.

    9. You find out your husband is having an affair with his colleague at work. You:
    A. Demand a divorce.
    B. Don't care. You've been secretly creeping yourself.
    C. Break down. You're devastated.
    D. Confront him.

    10. The worst thing you have ever done is:
    A. Burn the toast.
    B. Cheat on your husband.
    C. Spy on your neighbors.
    D. Lie to your friends.

    RESULTS: Tally your responses. If you answered mostly A, you're most like Bree. If you answered mostly B, you're most like Gabrielle. Cs: Susan. Ds: Lynette. If your answers are all over the board, congratulations. You're a cross between Carol Brady and Roseanne Conner. - INDIANA LIVING Section

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