From Kill Romney to Kill the Constitution

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    From Kill Romney to Kill the Constitution​

    By Jeffrey Lord

    An Orwellian inaugural address and a backwards march to another failed utopia.​

    Backwards, march!

    Yesterday’s declaration by President Obama, signaling with his inaugural address that he intends to turn America around and march it backwards to the glory days of failed leftism — making of America one gigantic society of beggars — raises the central and obvious point.

    It’s the damage, stupid.

    So how much damage can the American left do over the next four years?

    Really. Seriously.

    How much damage can the far-left-wing do with a re-elected Obama presidency?

    A lot. When one hears the President of the United States use his inaugural address to favorably cite the most infamous phrase associated with the disastrous Neville Chamberlain — that would be “peace in our time” — there can only be trouble ahead.

    The mechanics for this march backwards to failure are already in place.

    First and foremost is the Orwellian use of his language. Tyranny is freedom. Collectivism is liberty. “Together” is shorthand for government control.

    Second is the renewal of campaign warfare — with a new target.

    Remember Kill Romney? You remember this, right? The moment back there in the 2012 campaign when it was said by an Obama strategist that the president’s team, politically speaking, intended “to kill Romney.”

    And so they did. Mitt Romney was magically transformed from the reality of solid American citizen and accomplished businessman to murderer and thief. In the political nano-second of a presidential campaign cycle mere months long.

    Move over Mitt.

    There is a bigger target in left-wing sights now. A much bigger target: The Constitution of the United States.

    Yet again, the people whose ancestors so hated the Constitution they have repeatedly tried to eliminate or severely restrict the guarantees of liberty it provides, believe their moment has arrived.


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