From 60's Liberal to Pro-White

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    One story.

    The Occidental Observer - White Identity, Interests, and Culture

    I had encountered The Bell Curve by Hernnstein and Murray, but did not give it a good read. I did not reject it out of hand. I thought that it was probably true, but that we might muddle through our problems with the Blacks. I was still, if not a believer in equality, romantically attached to it. This had been a long obsession with me. I should have learned something from 6 months in the army (National Guard program) and experience with not very smart mostly Whites. I just had assumed that there was something wrong with the “culture” of the dummies that accounted for their stupidity. That word ‘culture’ had not yet achieved the “cult” status that it came to enjoy a few decades later. I was pleased with myself to have invented the term “socially constructed” way before it became the leading phrase in the lexicon of political correctness.
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