Freedom just died!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by miami_thomas, Jun 28, 2012.

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    This is not about health care it is about freedom.

    We just lost our freedom and half the country is cheering. The ruling today which now gives precedence means that the Federal Government is now a totalitarian government with no restrictions what so ever to whom and what they may tax. You want to eliminate guns mandate/tax those that own guns at 1 billion dollars. You want people to work, mandate/tax them to work. If they don’t pay tax, then arrest them. You want people at home at 10. Mandate/tax them if they are out after 10.
    So cheer all you want but me I will not be joining you. The constitution that guarantees your freedoms has just been destroyed. All rights afforded to you can now be mandated/taxed away. Your freedom to do nothing has just been decided that you can be mandated/taxed to do something. We just sold our children’s freedom so someone can try and get a free ride.
    At this point the damage is done and the only way to fix it is for the states to rise up and change the welfare clause of the constitution to state specifically what welfare means. Also like Newt said we need to take action to remove lifetime appointments of Supreme Court Justices. They should be elected since they are going to make law and it is not like we are shielding them from politics as they already are being political. All judges should be elected.
    Until that happens freedom is now gone. Now we are at the mercy of whoever is in command of the congress and the presidency. No state can protect you unless they can successfully succeed from the union. So you go and celebrate the new United States the land of the once free. But I won’t be.

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