Folks Get More Liberal As They Age

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    Don't tell me that this doesn't belong in humor!

    I know that the author of the article was serious....but that doesn't make the article any less funny...
    ....merely unintentionally so!

    1. "Contrary to popular belief, people generally do not become more conservative as they age.... Ongoing research, however, fails to back up the stereotype. While there is some evidence that today's seniors may be more conservative than today's youth,...

    2. ...studies show that people may actually get more liberal over time when it comes to certain kinds of beliefs. That suggests that we are not pre-determined to get stodgy,...

    3. "Rather, when they were born, what experiences they had growing up, as well as political, social and economic events have a lot to do with how people behave," he said. "Our results are showing that these have profound effects."

    4. As young people gained power, they gave the nation a refreshing sense of freedom and progress. By the turn of the 20th century, people had come to see old age as a social problem.

    5. Surveys that ask about attitudes towards things like premarital sex or race relations reveal that people older than 60 express more conservative views than people between the ages of 25 and 39.

    6. a 2007 paper in the journal American Sociological Review, Dangelis and colleagues started to address that problem....the researchers found that groups of people actually became more tolerant, not more conservative, after age 60 -- calling into question some enduring myths about old age.

    7. Results, which are just starting to emerge, suggest that each belief follows its own complicated pattern. Seniors seem to have become more liberal about subordinate groups, for example, but more conservative about civil liberties.

    8. Late in life, his research shows, people often become more open, more tolerant, and more appreciative of compassion. Even if they started out conservative, they may become less extreme in their conservatism."
    Do People Become More Conservative as They Age? : Discovery News

    Brings up the interesting question as to why our Liberal friends are so desirous (wishful?) of proving that folks are becoming more Liberal....

    ....and, it provides evidence that even the young and Liberal can author a polemic.

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