Fingerprinting program now includes all border counties....Whoop de do!

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    Immigration officials now have access to the fingerprints of every inmate booked into jail in all 25 U.S. counties along the Mexican border, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Tuesday, touting the program as a way of identifying and deporting "criminal aliens."

    Napolitano's announcement came as immigrant rights activists criticized the fingerprinting program, known as Secure Communities, after obtaining documents showing that more than a quarter of those deported under its auspices had no criminal records.

    The program "essentially co-opts police into doing the job of the federal government," said Sunita Patel of the Center for Constitutional Rights, one of several groups that forced the disclosure of documents through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

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    What about Chicago where they have a stronghold with Luiz Gutierrez/Obama? How do you get them out of America's heartland?

    They're all criminals!!! All illegal immigrants are criminals!!!! When are they going to understand that the people of the United States are not a bunch of stupid third world morons that will believe anything you tell them or that they will sell out the AMERICAN POOR just because the pastor feels we should take care of poverty in Latin America.

    WAKE UP! He's paid to say that by the coalition of Latin American missions that want the money to keep flowing and LA RAZA, the master race.

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