Final Stage Of Extermination Agenda In Darfur?

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    are we about to see the final, most horrific stage of genocide in darfur? it appears the government is flooding the region with arms and troops in preparation for a massive offensive to crush what little resistance is left and perhaps finish the extermation of the people of darfur within the borders.

    i have one thought and one request in response to this:

    1) shame on every nation in the world, their leaders, governments and influential members, along with the UN, EU and AU, the Vatican, the leaders of organized religions from Protestant variety to Islamic faiths and the global media from CNN to Al-Jezeera. you have allowed a genocide to happen on your watch and done damn near nothing about it. you abandoned a defenseless people to their deaths, and paid lip service to them while they were being raped, maimed and wiped off the face of the earth. see you in hell motherfuckers, you all belong there. there is no cowardice in humanity quite as bad as that of the strong not defending the weak.

    - now to the sudanese government, can you please make sure that you kill every citizen of darfur so that we don't have some heartwarming, facesaving gesture by the international community to save say, 1,000 survivors with some sort of photo op intervention or rescue operation?
    i want this to go down in the history books as the most disgusting act of cowardice on the part of the West, the East and everybody in between in a very, very long time. as disgraceful as the academics in america who said we deserved 9/11, as cowardly as the europeans who promised to support america in afghanistan with troops but have not sent them yet, as morally callous as the UN troops forced to stand by and let the serbs slaughter bosnians....


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