Female workers set to earn more than men

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    1. "The richer sex: Female workers set to earn more than men in EVERY profession within 25 years

    2. Women in the workforce are set to earn more than men for the first time in history, according to new research.The next generation of female employees in the U.S. will take home more money than their male peers across all sectors of employment.

    3. Liza Mundy used it as the basis for her book, "The Richer Sex."

    4. ...research found that in U.S. cities, single women in their twenties with no children, on average make more than men, according to Time Magazine.

    5. 'Almost 40 per cent of working wives out-earn their husbands' - and this number was rising.

    6. Over the next few decades, professions like law, medicine and veterinary medicine will be predominantly run by women.

    7. ...it will revolutionize how we date, set up home, get married and raise children.

    8. Government found that although women in the U.S. have made huge strides economically and in education in the past 50 years, at present they still make less money than men....the greatest changes for women had been their gains in education and in the workforce - which has resulted in people marrying later.

    9. College-educated women get married on average around the age of 30, compared with 26 for women who don't go to college.

    10. The proportion of women who are married has dropped from 72 per cent in 1970 to 62 per cent in 2009.
    However Ms Mundy's research has found that marriage rates for women in high-income brackets were on the rise as opposed to low-earners.
    The richer sex: Female workers 'set to earn more than men in EVERY profession' within 25 years | Mail Online
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