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    Well, I doubt anyone here would be too interested in this movie, except maybe Pashida Emperor or GotZoom, but I figured I'd talk about it anyway, because regardless of its subject, it's just a really well-done documentary.

    It's a documentary about the band the Flaming Lips. The director is actually one of the band's closest friends, and as such he has had all access to them for years. This movie really makes you feel like you're friends with the band, not just peeking in on their lives.

    For the most part, it comes across as just a love letter to the band, but toward the end, it starts to explore much, much darker ground, specifically the heroin addiction of band member Steve Drozd (you actually get to see him cook up heroin and shoot up). It's amazing that the band is still going strong after over 20 years together, especially after all that they've been through.

    Overall, this movie really made me want to see the band live as well as wish I could hang out with the band, because they seem like really cool guys. The lead singer, Wayne Coyne, actually helps his roadies set up the stage before the show! He comes across as by far the most down-to-earth and modest rock stars in the world, which is refreshing considering the way most celebrities act these days (and how much they're praised for acting like that). Coyne actually still lives in the lower middle class Oklahoma City town that he grew up in.

    I guess this is less a movie about loving the Flaming Lips as it is a movie about loving music, and the unifying, almost religious experience of a great concert.

    And while we're on the topic, do yourself a favor and go download the Flaming Lips songs "Race for the Prize" and "Waitin' on a Superman".

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