Facts VS hyperbole ; pie is finite vs pie grows ; liberals vs non-liberals..

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    A non-liberal deals with FACTS, studies, reality..
    Liberals believe in hyperbole, hysteria, anecdotal, exceptions.

    An non-liberal KNOWS from reality the pie grows..
    Liberals like animals feel they have to steal a pie piece because there are only so many pieces and they have to get theirs!

    As a reality there are more millionaires today then in the 1890s
    Proof the pie gets bigger and more people are getting pieces of the pie!

    FACTS are in 1890 there was 4,000 millionaires in the USA.
    A study in 2007 estimated 16,600,000 millionaires in the USA.
    Over 4,150 times growth in millionaires in 120 years..
    and for those of you who say.. "a million dollars in 1890 was worth more then a million dollars today.." argument??

    OK Inflation shows over 120 years One million in would buy in 1890 what $28 million buys in 2010 or 28 times ok?

    So which is bigger.. 4,150 times the growth in millionaires or
    28 times inflation in the dollar???
    REALITY folks because the pie is BIGGER!

    FACTS 1890 most millionaires based on land/railroads..
    FACTS 2010 most millionaires.. computers,internet,finance, i.e. more ways to make more money then there was in the 1890s!

    Again.. the PIE according to NON-Liberals continual grows bigger and so no question those that have get more.. BUT MORE that don't are getting bigger pieces of the pie!

    Again proof??
    NOT ONE LIBERAL can refute these FACTS that
    1) The "poor" in 2010..
    a) 8 million at least have FREE cell phones.. 1890 NOT EVEN A Millionaire!
    b) 40 million getting FREE FOOD ... 1890 millionaires still had to pay!
    c) Millions in poverty have TVs,Cars, internet.. DIDN"T exist in 1890!

    2) The Poor today
    Free money... free rent...

    So Liberals.. how is it EVEN possible that the poor in 2010 get services that the millionaires never conceived in 1890s?

    DO you liberals understand? There is NO RETORT!
    The PIE gets bigger and more people get pieces of the pie!

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