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    I love that line in this report about Russia and Putin's choice of who to make Premiere.

    IF it truly is Putin's intent to provide a faceless nobody to warm his seat for one cycle, he may want to check history.

    Stalin was nominated by Lenin to run the Ministry that hired, fired and assigned all party workers in all agencies and ministries through out the Soviet Union. Lenin's opponents wanted a nobody in that very dangerous job. What they saw with Stalin was a failed general and a person considered ineffective and powerless, a loser to put it bluntly, only surviving to that date because of Lenin's personal interference.

    And lets all remember what Stalin did and became. He used that position to ensure over 8 years that he had loyal people in every ministry, every agency, every security apperatus in the Soviet Union. He stayed on the side lines while the big boys fought over who would rule after Lenin "died" He stayed on the sidelines for about 6 years and didn't flex any muscle till at least 1928, by 1930/31 he was the sole boss of all the Soviet Union.

    I would suggest "faceless nobodies" tend not to remain such when given the reins of power. No matter the original intent in letting them have said power.

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