Eye floaters can also be handled

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    Advanced Lash Eye floaters can also be handled through laser surgical operation. The YAG Laser is used for the objective; having said that, its usefulness Advanced Lash continues to be to be confirmed. One more operative opportunity to absolutely cast off vitreous via any method named vitrectomy. Advanced Lash But scientific strategies is just not the encouraged alternative as it's miles in reality possible for the hassle to reoccur. http://www.healthsupreviews.com/advanced-lash/
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    Don't fall for this fraudulent scheme. The company advertises a “free trail offer” but that's not what you get. The “free trail offer” requires you to authorize the company to charge your credit card each month for around $90 unless the trial is canceled; however, the company makes this difficult, and in some cases impossible to do. Here are several sad stories of those who fell for the scheme:


    “This company advertises a free trial that is no longer free if you open or use any of product. (What??) . Even if you do not want this product, if you open it or use the "free" trial, you will be charged $149.95 and $89.95/month until you "cancel." (See terms and conditions). Lash Renew advertises a "Try it before you buy it" offer. Their terms and conditions state: "You may cancel at any time by calling Customer Service at 844-824-4384. No future commitments, no hassles. Cancel any time." However, this isn't true. I wasn't allowed to even cancel the free trial before it ever was shipped. I emailed a cancellation of the (not so) "free trial" within 30 minutes of ordering, and I called to confirm cancellation (business hours) within 10 hours of placing the order. When I placed the order, it said the order would take 24-48 hours to process. However, their representative told me that I could not cancel. She said I would still be charged the shipping (even though I don't want the "free product" which hasn't finished being processed), and I would have to wait and send the product back to them.

    “When I asked the representative "Why wouldn't any company want to honor their words and satisfy the customer to avoid additional complaints," she was quite smug. It is quite evident that their representatives are used to customer complaint calls because they show zero care or concern and treated me as if though I had done something wrong by requesting to cancel. Even though their terms say "cancel at any time," and I have requested a cancellation before my order has finished being processed, I am being told that I cannot cancel. This is a violation of their terms and conditions and thus, a direct scam. After reading through some of the 71+ complaints, I am very grateful that I didn't fall further victim to the $149.95 charge or $89.95/month charges that many people are complaining about.”


    “I was offered a lash renewing product on line but then 2 weeks later was charged $150.00 (unauthorized) to my visa account. This was supposed to be a free trial. When the product arrived, there was no information as to who to contact if not satisfied or where to return it. Trying to contact the company without luck. Looks like a re-occurring charge will happen so am anxious to cancel.”


    “Unauthorized monthly credit card charges. I bough an item and paid for shipping and handling $7.00 it was a try it before you buy it and did not agree to any other charges or further monthly charges. After a month my credit card was charged $145.95 and then after every month $89, there seemed to be only one female answering who claim screaming and yelling at me that the charge was valid because I should had read the website and when I try to talk to her she will put me on hold to don't hear me when I catch her doing this she laugh at me.”

    SCAMGUARD™ | LashRenew.com has 9 complaints

    There is some jerk who posts these scams on this site. This is the third one I have read about. At any rate, stay away - far, far away - from this “free trial” fraud. A mod will be along soon to shut this thread down but I wanted to make sure no one became a victim.
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