Europe boycotts Israel, where even newborns are in shelters

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    This is what happens when Europe had UNRESTRICTED IMMIGRATION OF MUSLIM SCUM!.....Thr pandering to these TAKERS is horrendous....Europe Suicide by muslim invaders....slowly coming to America!


    The Israeli Foreign Ministry tweeted a map of the areas most affected by Palestinian Arab rockets, explaining that “one million Israeli civilians are forced into shelters”. After the Israeli army eliminated the commander of the Islamic Jihad Abu al Atta in a building in the Shejaeya district of Gaza, terrorists from Gaza responded with the launch of over 250 missiles, reaching even Tel Aviv,

    Nathan A. Sales, coordinator of the US State Department for terrorism, revealed the total amount of money Iran is spending to finance anti-Israel terrorism: Iran provides 700 million dollars a year to Hezbollah and an additional 100 million are sent to various Palestinian terrorist groups. The Iranian regime spends almost a billion dollars a year just to support terrorism. Islamic Jihad is the first historic group of Palestinian Islamism and is the most closely linked to Iran. It was born in 1979 from a split of Palestinian Arab students hosted in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Bad European timing, meanwhile. While the Israelis were descending into the shelters, the Court of Justice of the European Union marked Israeli products from Judea, Samaria and the Golan - for the first time - with a special label Israel thus becomes the first and only state whose goods from disputed territories are marked with a special wording.

    The European Union does not designate the Turkish oil produced in the northern part of Cyprus, which is under occupation, nor the Moroccan fish that comes from the Western Sahara nor the Chinese products from Tibet.

    Since 2005, after Israel evacuated its Gush Katif settlements from Gaza, the Strip has been occupied by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, sending rockets to Jewish houses and using its population as a human shield.

    But this occupation does not seem to exist for Europeans....

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