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    Recently my attention's been drawn to a rather galling double-standard. I was forwarded a link to an online news outlet called the Occidental Observer, which on first glance purports to address and report on issues of interest to caucasians. Now, this, how shall we say, 'alternative' news outlet was news (pun intended) to me, and anyone else I probed on the matter. After some brief research I happened upon its Wikipedia entry. Almost immediately the Wikipedia article was focusing on the supposedly negative aspects of such a niche source of media, branding it both racist and anti-semitic, almost because of its very nature over any substantive evidence.

    Admittledly the Occidental Observer was of little intellectual interest to me as I already subscribe to several periodicals and other sources of news and insight (Private Eye, The Economist, etc). But after looking into other sources of ethnically focused media, I was met by nowhere near the amount of negativity that I was when researching the Occidental Observer. In fact, just about every other example of ethnically orientated media that I looked into was given a glowing, virtuous endorsement.

    Now, before I'm accused of sympathising with the usual characters that are inferred by the left when discussing such unnecessarily sensitive subjects such as racial awareness, allow me to ask why caucasians seem to be unable to enjoy a source of media that is ethnically bias towards them? I don't see why we shouldn't be able to enjoy a source of media that reports on white issues and interests without fear of vilification from the likes of the ADL or AIPAC. Do you? Are the corridors of influence so outnumbered by whites that we're deemed (or indeed, deem ourselves) above the need to apportion a section of the media to focus on our interests, issues and rights, as a people?

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