Encirclement, military expansionism and no one complains or notices

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    in the US... However when Chinese behavior is seen by Indians, the
    view is quite different... And this often is not considered when
    discussing future relations between China and the US, but it

    Can Obama recognize this??? One wonders by the lack of attention
    given India...

    Leadership: India Turns Away From Pakistan

    >>> May 29, 2009: Indian military leaders now consider China their major military threat, rather than Pakistan. Several different trends brought this about. First, China is modernizing their armed forces at a rapid rate. This means a navy that is capable of operating in the Indian ocean, and is obtaining bases in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, to better keep an eye on the sea lanes that supply most of the oil, and many other natural resources, needed by the booming Chinese economy.

    China and India share a common border, but it's high in the Himalayan
    mountains. Although India lost several border skirmishes to Chinese
    troops along that border in the 1960s, China was never considered a
    real threat. That's because there were no Chinese railroads leading to
    their side of the Himalayan frontier. With only a few roads leading
    into Tibet, from China proper, the Chinese could never launch a major
    offensive across the Himalayan border. That changed three years ago
    when China completed a railroad into Tibet.

    So China is now a threat from all sides. India is particularly annoyed
    at China intruding into the waters surrounding India. It's not called
    the Indian Ocean for nothing, and the Indians consider these waters
    sacrosanct. Chinese naval power is not welcome.

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