El Salvador President fires officials – via Twitter

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    A politician taking notes from President Trump.

    Luis Assardo, a journalist and researcher based in Guatemala, said Bukele is embracing Twitter to gain recognition and speak directly to everyday Salvadorans.

    He does not need the press,” Assardo said. “He does not need any kind of intermediary to deliver the information that interests him.”

    So far, he’s fired the daughter of the ex-president and told the head of the commission not to hire a replacement. He also fired other members of the outgoing political party.

    Trump, perhaps recognizing another Twitter fan, sent the following tweet on Saturday: “The United States stands ready to work with @NayibBukele to advance prosperity in El Salvador and the hemisphere. Congratulations President Bukele on your inauguration!”

    From New president of El Salvador wields his power via Twitter, firing officials | One America News Network

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