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    U.S. Economy's 4Q Growth Likely To Fade

    The economy rocketed ahead at a 5.9 percent pace in the final quarter of 2009, stronger than initially estimated. But the growth spurt isn't expected to carry over into this year.


    Adding to that picture was a separate report Friday that sales of previously occupied homes fell sharply in January for the second straight month, to their lowest point since summer.


    Unlike past rebounds driven by the spending of shoppers, this one is hinging more on spending by businesses and foreigners.


    Businesses boosted spending on equipment and software at a sizzling 18.2 percent pace, the fastest in nine years. Foreigners snapped up U.S.-made goods and services, which propelled exports to grow at 22.4 pace, the most in 13 years.


    Now is the time to rebuild America's infrastructure.
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    Translated into normal English that means that the government spending that drove a negative GDP number into the positive ranks for two quarters will be cut back and GDP will fall back to reality.

    When is GDP NOT GDP???????? Simple, when the numbers have been bought with government spending. Our present GDP numbers are totally phony.
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