Economic Policy, I'm confused.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wry Catcher, Dec 9, 2009.

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    So many experts, what's a person to do? So, I'll ask the 'experts' a few questions. Why are banks allowed to operate nation-wide? It used to be Bank of America (for example) only operated in California. Wouldn't bank failures be limited to individual states and few be to big to fail if this were still the case?
    Now, some want insurance companies to operate naition-wide. Seems to me such an idea is stupid, given what we know about "to big to fail".
    I also wonder how many more homes would be in foreclosure if GM has not been helped? How many kids of the auto workers would be spending Christmas in the family Chevy this year?
    Maybe banks and health insurance should have a public opinion? A non-profit Bank of the United States operated by GS15 salaried managers as opposed to the private sector where the president earns multi-million dollar bonuses. It's our money, isn't it?
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