Eastern Vikings (NJ HS) Field-Hockey: American Standard

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    Eastern Regional High School is a nicely-built and well-maintained multi-media invested American public high-school (grades 9-12) located in Voorhees, New Jersey (Camden County).

    Eastern boasts a handsome curriculum of A.P. courses and places its students consistently in highly-ranked and prestigious Ivy League schools (Harvard, Dartmouth, etc.) every year.

    The Eastern Vikings are an athletic program which boast great successes in the school's history. The men's basketball, football, cross-country and track, and wrestling teams have all offered great play and sportsmanship and featured star athletes.

    However it's the Vikings' girls field-hockey team that has really helped this high school stand out nationally. While Eastern is not consistently one of the top 10 ranked high schools in the nation, the Vikings' girls' field-hockey team has won a whopping 14 consecutive state championships. Between 2011 and 2015, the team was ranked number one in the nation. This team also has the longest consecutive unbeaten streak in the history of the National Federation.

    I attended Eastern 1992-1996, and while I was there, the basketball, football, cross-country and track, tennis, and girls' field-hockey teams were all doing rather well. I participated in JV cross-country and tennis and remember fondly the Vikings' spirited team environment of sportsmanship and hard work.

    Well, the Vikings' girls field-hockey team are a thing of pride for all Eastern students/alumni as well as all fans/patrons/coaches of girls' field-hockey in America.

    On the Olympics stage of course, the U.S. national girls' field-hockey team has done well but has been challenged by powerhouse teams from the Netherlands, Argentina, and Germany. Perhaps the stellar and celebrated play of the Vikings' girls' field-hockey team will remind us why/how Americans invest in women's field-hockey as a national sport...

    The recent stories of terrible high-school shootings (e.g., Columbine) and the dramatic Gus Van Sant film-adaptation Elephant reminds us that education is both sacred and volatile in a developing democratic nation obligated to serve as the 'world's role model,' so perhaps the Vikings girls field-hockey team reminds us that investments in scholastic activity/competition can encourage more teamwork and patriotism among today's students who are of course tomorrow's leaders/diplomats.

    This year, the Vikings boast two strong scorers at least in a nicely-developing team expected to do well (once again). If you like following local/high-school sports, the Vikings girls field-hockey team will definitely not disappoint you...



    American high-schools have invested much in recent times in media and technology, and Eastern Regional really stands out in this domain, which is evidence of its balanced commitment to both academics and athletics even though it is a public high-school in a relatively typical suburban area in New Jersey, a very trafficked U.S. state.


    A group photo of the Vikings girls field-hockey team celebrating yet another state championship should reminds us why high school sports in general symbolizes great American patriotism and community/local sports fanfare. Anyone a fan of the film Varsity Blues?


    A photo of an individual Vikings field-hockey star holding up a victory trophy/plaque is yet another reminder of the celebrated value of hard work, talent, and esteemed coaching. The Vikings have boasted terrific coaches, which is obviously expected.


    Any American will tell you that the 'proverbial' American Dream is about shining, succeeding, storytelling, and sweat. The Vikings girls field-hockey team represents some of the best qualities of American consciousness and community values, and its successes highlight America's ongoing cheerleading of teamwork-oriented ambition. This team is a high-school 'success story' amidst the sea of new age high-school shooting news-story tragedies. Vikings girls field-hockey team memorabilia/jerseys/headbands/sweatshirts have therefore been 'super-commodities.'


    A good high-school should boast great infrastructure and maintenance, and Eastern is no different. Its sports teams all boast well-maintained playing-fields, and the Vikings girls field-hockey team is no different. The Vikings need such 'amenities' to continue to add to their ongoing incredible laurels. Plus, it's a great nod to America's embracing of women's sports too...


    A news-story of the Vikings girls field-hockey team snapping yet another precious winning-streak of a hot new team or a powerhouse team will remind you why Eastern has become an 'American standard' in high-school sports, field-hockey, and girls'/women's athletics programs. The Vikings girls field-hockey team are, in many ways, the Pittsburgh Steelers of high-school girls' field-hockey.


    A video on YouTube of a cool/nifty girls' field-hockey game might remind you of the value/thrill of local/community sports fanfare and why the Vikings girls field-hockey team represents some of the best qualities of American excellence...so how can/should we translate high-school/collegiate athletics respectability into professional-sports hygiene (e.g., cessation of steroids, free-agency corruption, and salary-related evils)? Man, I'm so thrilled to be a Vikings alumni and Eastern girls' field-hockey fan (even though I'm a male)!




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