Dubya in Dubai!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by akiboy, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Well , it certainly was a good day for high school students in Dubai when U.S President George Bush visited the city before leaving for Saudi Arabia. We got a holiday since Dubai Police shut down all the main roads so all private sector schools and offices were closed!

    It seems Bush had a lovely time here in Dubai . He attended a lavish desert camp , admired Dubai's skyline , saw a few multibillion dollar projects and even enjoyed traditional Arabic lunch with the ruler of Dubai.

    But by far the most stunning sight was the Presidential motorcade. There was this huge Cadillac limo with the U.S and U.A.E flag fluttering on the bonnet. The motorcade had 4 huge Chevorlet Trailblazers(filled with SS agents I suppose!) and behind that 3 jeeps with Dubai police officers. The motorcade was led by 3 choppers protecting the worlds most powerful man!!!! Sheesh! Talk about power! :rolleyes:
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